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[Offcial] [News] ToM:Assertion Press Release 4/18/14

Press Release ToM Assertion Official

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Game Summary


In a world long ravaged by war and terror, the battle of the ages is about to begin. As the Undead, controlled by a malevolent Overlord, arise to take civilization by force, you will be thrown into an epic battle set to determine the fate all you've ever known. The Tales of Mythica: Assertion represents the first installment of a modern epic guaranteed to engross the player in a gripping tale of vengeance and glory as the legions of heaven and hell converge upon the world to fight the greatest battle time has ever known, one to shape the land, the people and the gods forever after.


As the world begins to crumble, and even the greatest warriors begin to fall, a new hero emerges to determine the fate of all that has ever been. That hero... Is You. With five different playable races, countless possible character builds, numerous guilds to help you hone your skills and many more customization options, you will create a character as unique as you are. You will encounter many awe-inspiring, horrifying, deadly enemies throughout your adventure, engaging in hundreds of quests, each with numerous possible outcomes, as you choose between the glory of the heavens or a sinful indulgence in evil; fate is your plaything in the world of Mythica.


But The Tales of Mythica: Assertion commands a level of appeal reaching far beyond that of its storyline. In affiliation with Epic Games, Tales of Mythica: Assertion. is set in a world expected to be a monumental three times the size of that of Most RPG Games. Masterfully crafted using the top-of-the-line clarity offered by the Unreal Engine, GGN Game Studios' debut project features dazzlingly lifelike graphics that bring an unparalleled level of realism designed to leave the player deeply engrossed in a visually stunning world of adventure.


To top it all off, GGN is entirely comprised of gamers just like you. We are not owned by a large corporation, and our passion is not restricted by the demands of corporate executives or other influences that all too often cause great teams to lose sight of the top priority: making a truly great game. As fellow gamers, we know how it feels to be nickel-and-dimed through the use of such tactics as always-on DRM and in-game purchases, and we hate these sorts of dirty tricks just as much as you do. As such, we promise that our games will maintain a heavy focus on commercial integrity and fairness to the innocent customer. Our business model is centered on making the players truly happy and free, not placing outrageous barriers in the way of their right to play. In doing so, we hope to help bring a change in the gaming industry as a whole by showing that it's possible to be commercially successful without resorting to shady tactics or pay-to-play business models we feel are becoming all too common today. By contributing, you are not only supporting what is bound to be a truly awesome game, but also casting your vote for the kinds of games you really want to see made; games for gamers.




Game Details:


100's Quests: We have implemented over 100 quests into our game, all of which are written individually, to avoid a sense of just repeating menial tasks again and again.

Platforms: Tales of Mythica: Assertion will be available on Windows, Mac, and Linux!

Real Time Combat System: The combat system in Assertion will be in real time, not turn based. It will include elements of dodge, your normal hack and slash, archery, combat magic, and special abilities each race will have. Such as an Orcs ability to smash a area around him for high damage or an Dwarfs hammer spin.

100’s of Custom NPC’s: All of our NPC's have been designed individually, they are all scripted with their own ways of talking and acting, meaning no two NPC's will be the same.

All NPC’s and Characters Fully voice acted: All of our NPC's and characters are voice acted, and all sound different, meaning the world is varied, and different areas even have different accents, fully immersing you into the world.

5 Playable Races: We have 5 races you can play as, Humans, Orcs, Dwarfs, Elashra and Verdans. Each race is distinct, and follow their lore.

Large Open World Map: Our world is huge and fully open, giving players hours of exploring time, and they are able to go wherever they want, whenever they want.

4 Guilds to Join: With 20+ quests per guild.We have 4 guilds the player can join, The Guild of Mages, The Guild of Thieves, The Guild of Cutthroats and The Nomads Guild. Each guild has over 20 quests, meaning the player will be entertained and enthralled for a long time. 

Long 3 Act Main Quest-line: With riveting twists and lore.The games main story will consist of a very large 3 act quest-line, with between 7-19 quests per act. Also with all original deep riveting lore that will make the player think and be left begging for more and more.

100's In Game Books to Read: There is over 200 books, all written by one of our writing team, some of which hold fascinating secrets...

6 Main Cities: There are 6 main cities, Grand city, Winterrock, Raicryte, Konergrand, Vailin, and Vulignum. Each city has its own design, and they are all culturally separated, with only Grand city containing a living quarter for every race.

Weapon and Armor Crafting: There is a large set of amours and weapons, most of which are fully craft able by the player provided they have the ingredients needed to do so, unique armor and weapons being the only exception.

Enchanting: Players can enchant weapons and armor, by using magical shrines within the Guild of Mages, or within their own home.

Potion Brewing: Players can brew potions using ingredients found within the world, and can create them to have effects of their desire, depending, of course, on ingredients used.

Food Cooking: Players can cook food over open fires, or by fire places which have a pot over the top of them, players can then consume the food.

Home Building: Players can choose any area they like to build their home, and once they have selected an area, they can use plans to create a number of rooms, and then fully decorate the home to their liking.

Wood harvesting and Ore Mining: All of the ores that players need to create weapons and armor (excluding unique armor sets) can be found and mined within the world. Small trees can be felled by the player, and the wood can be used to make arrows, and for the making of the players home.

Farming: The player can create their own farm land, and can farm any crops, buying seeds from general stores, and being able to sell or eat the food that they produce or sell it.

Hunting: Players can hunt and kill any animals within the world, and skin them and then cook the meat, to either sell or eat as they wish.

Fishing: The player can make their own fishing rod, and fish, which they can then sell, or cook to use themselves.

10 Skills to Level Up: The the player will be able to pick 3 of 10 skills based on their race to level up at a time. Once one has reached 100 they can either move it to the next Tier or pick another to level up to 100.

100 Perks: The player will be able to pick a variety of perks to take as they level up each of their abilities to make them more powerful.

20 Abilities: Each player will be given a set of abilities that level them up throughout the game and add to their overall level. As each one levels up towards 100 the player will be given EXP towards their next level and perk unlocks.

40 Spells to Learn and Unlock: The player over the course of the game will be able to learn and buy spells to use while playing the game from either a Teacher, Spell book, or prayer stone. Spells are classified under 5 types of spells. Combat, Passive, Special, Angelic, and Dark

Interactive Map: In the game, the map will be fully interactive, allowing the player to place way points, custom markers, and highlighted areas. If the player allows the game to connect to the internal server under their unique login, and account. They will be able to view the maps of each of their characters on their computer or GGN Game App and learn more about the area's they have unlocked and find hidden secrets.

Online and App Interaction: Using either their computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. The player will be able to login to their characters account and track progress, learn fun facts, use the interactive map, view global statistics and unlock special content.

400+ Locations: We have over 400 locations for the player to visit and explore, giving hours of exploring time to the player.




  • Humans: From the most valiant heroes to the cruelest villains, humans possess boundless initiative to pursue their dreams.
  • Elashran: Masters of Arcana and all its intricacies, the beautiful Elashran people are a people of aesthetic and perfection.
  • Verdans: Cousins of the Elashran and much shorter member of the "elven" family. Know best to be sneaky and strong.
  • Dwarves: The stone nomads are meticulous workers seeking riches beyond the wildest dreams of anyone.
  • Orcs: Vicious warriors and wonderful shamans, Orcs are outcasts who revere the mountains and the flame.


Main Characters:


Arktorel (The Overlord):  

Arktorel, The Overlord is the demonic lord of the Underworld, and leader of the undead forces that are marching on to destroy all of Mythica to reclaim their mortal servants.

This diabolical demon is a being of pure, unadulterated evil; it is who he is, what has consumed him, or rather, formed him.  Without conscience, he wreaks havoc, murder and mayhem on a whim, using undead more as a way to scare the populace and desecrate anywhere he isn't currently at.  The Overlord finds pleasure in only two things - causing misery to others, and taking away pleasure from others.  He does not care for anything other than his own comfort, fun and harvesting the blood of mortals to fuel his powers.

The Overlord wields an obsidian Greataxe with one hand, and said axe is known as The GravesenderThe Gravesender was forged in the fieriest forges of the Underworld, the flames kept alight with the bodies of those The Overlord has slain, their deathly essence infusing into the axe to form a blade apparently able to kill a man by merely nicking their skin.  No mortal has ever fought with The Overlord and escaped without divine intervention of the most severe kind.

The Overlord stands 7ft. tall and has blood-red eyes and black plate armor protecting himself (as if he needs it).  Also, a pair of black, bat-like wings are upon his back.  The Overlord's face is adorned with scars from when the Underworld was still young, and the demon lords were trying to assert dominance over one another, and The Overlord has several fangs protruding from his mouth.

"I hope you haven't become all too comfortable, Mythica, the End approaches once more, and I WILL have my world back.  NOTHING will stop me this time.  Every time one of your dies, I have a new soldier.  We are without number, remorse, or flaw.  What are you?  Flailing, emotional meat sacks.  This time, your angels won't be able to save you."




Aurean (The Liberator):  

Aurean is a benevolent archangel send down from the Heavens to assist the mortals when they need it most.

Aurean is a kind soul, and a true antithesis to The OverlordAurean acts very frequently without the mortals ever knowing; bestowing good luck upon the righteous, and arranging fable-like events to the less righteous.  There are very few events that are confirmed to have involved Aurean, and one of them is the First Hellsend (or, to most people, The Hellsend), where Aurean helped the living defeat The Overlord for the first time.  It is known as the First Hellsend now due to The Overlord's unfortunate return.

Aurean is a kind soul, if impulsive about it; if given the choice between omnipotence and helping a man down on his luck, he will choose the latter, even though the former would let him assist everyone forever - Aurean always takes the path of least resistance when going about his duties.  Also, Aurean doesn't trust himself not to become corrupted by such a power overflow.

Aurean stands 6 feet and 5 inches tall, has pale, white skin and long, blonde, flowing hair that seemingly moves by itself.  He too has wings, but they are white, feathered wings.  His weapon is a long sword made of pure silver known as The Redeemer, and it is enchanted by hope and love to be a powerful blade in anyone righteous' hands.  The blade is so pure and good, anything wicked that touches it either vaporizes or has valor imbune its soul causing a complete conversion from evil to good.

Aurean hates violence, and always tries to reason with whatever evils the world may have, but fortunately realizes that The Overlord cannot be saved, that he exists for the purpose of being evil, and that to truly remove him is absolutely impossible for as long as a man holds even the slightest spite or malice towards another man.



King Julian:

King Julian is the current ruler of the kingdoms of Mythica, and holds his job with pride and passion.  Ruling along with Queen Etheria, he upholds his kingdom with fair taxation, justice and good example.  Julian isn't without his flaws though, and while being the ruler of a kingdom that only came about by the unison of mortal races, he holds very little regard for Orcs.

Julian is an amateur fencer, and absolutely incompetent in actual combat, a skill that has been needed by many kings for many years; he trains rigorously to be able to defend himself, but to no avail. Queen Etheria, on the other hand, is an expert at the sport and a well-practiced combatant.

Julian hails from The Grand City (like most, if not all, monarchs of Mythica), where he lived in comfort his entire life, as to be expected from royalty.  Julian is a leader with economics in mind, rather than defense or other such matters, as

"With the right amount of coin, you needn't have bothered with such matters until now.".

Julian met the, now Queen Etheria whilst he was in education and close to the date of his coronation.  They have had a rocky relationship until recently, and he and Etheria now live together peacefully and often without event.





Unreal Engine 4 supports advanced DirectX 11 rendering features such as full-scene HDR reflections, thousands of dynamic lights per scene, artist-programmable tessellation and displacement, physically-based shading and materials, IES lighting profiles and much more. The Cascade VFX editor provides detailed fire, smoke, snow, dust, dirt, rubble and more. Millions of dynamic particles can receive and emit light within a scene. Unreal Engine 4 allows us to create large, open world environments, which paves the way for terrains that are orders of magnitude larger than what have been previously possible thanks to its powerful LOD system and efficient memory use. Unreal Engine 4's post-processing features enable us to gracefully adjust the look and feel of scenes. Filmic effects at our fingertips include ambient cubemaps, ambient occlusion, bloom, color grading, depth of field, eye adaptation, lens flares, light shafts, temporal anti-aliasing and tone mapping, just to name a few.









 Note: All Art Shown is Mere Concept, Not Final Product.




 The following Images are just a few Examples of various things that will be in Tales of Mythica: Assertion.



Example of a In Game Style Book



Examples of NPC Bios:


Sampson - Town Crier of Raicryte

Dwarves are known for getting loud when they're drunk, fighting or fighting whilst drunk.  Sampson, however, was always a quiet dwarf.  His voice little more than a whisper in comparison to other Dwarves, even when vigorously plastered with ale.

Sampson never cared much for socializing, but he did appreciate the company of others.  He'd head out drinking with others, not say anything, go home and consider that a night well spent.  Several years down the line, during a shift working the mines, a minor cave-in broke most of the bones in his working arm - the sound of Sampson calling for help caused quite a commotion across Raicryte; his calls could be heard throughout the entire city - Sampson was the deepest dwarf in the mine, too!  People quickly came looking for the source of this weird, unheard-of noise, quickly discovering Sampson's predicament.

A few days later, Sampson's arm was in a cast and the pain had stopped. The local government came searching for Sampson, with a new offer for the quiet dwarf; the offer to become the new Town Crier.  The conversation went normally for Sampson; quietly.  The recruiters knew that Sampson was capable of more than he was letting on, and forced him to take the job, on account of him no longer possibly being a miner.

During his first shift, people were curious; the crier wasn't making any noise!  Sampson was always so quiet simply due to low self-esteem and social paranoia.  His coworkers sought Sampson out, to see if they could solve Sampson's problems.
"You're the crier, it's your job!"
-What if I'm bad at this?
"You have a duty to the people!"
-I never wanted this duty!
"Why are you worried?  It's not like you're actually talking to anyone."
-I - that's a good point.
With the worries of socializing and conversation behind him, Sampson let out a crier's report that could be heard from anywhere in town.  Not only that, but he managed to make anything sound good, simply by bending the truth in a subtle way.  Sometimes what he says makes it sound like he's just plain lying, but he has never once lied on the job; he just omitted some details to form a new truth.


Notable Quotes:



Viorella Elan - Princess of Vailin

Elashran royals live some of the most pampered lives imaginable; the most beautiful paintings adorn every wall, their armaments inscribed with the entire history of Vailin, and every whim catered for; all at the cost of freedom.  The royalbloods are the most highly protected people in the entire Elashran people, if not the world.
Such constrictions drive many Elashran princes and princesses to take on the lives of adventurers, running off and exploring the world like they always do in the books. Viorella didn't.

The blonde beauty decided that this was the life for her; adored by all the people of Vailin, her every request catered for the moment she would ask it; the true life of luxury.

Many of the guards of Vailin are actually rather confused by the situation; the kind of overbearing protection is actually supposed to cause the heirs to run off and adventure; like in the books!  Y'know?!  But NOOOOO, Viorella just won't GROW UP, WILL SHE?!  I get that she's really kind, but seriously, doesn't she see the route she's supposed to take?  Leave the castle and explore already, you little brat!
...That was a lie.  She isn't a brat, she's actually one of the nicest people the servants have ever tended to.  Sorry.  Anyway...  um.  Don't tell her I said that.  she's really pretty and i think she might like me.
Notable Quotes:

"JOYEOUS DAY, CITIZENS!  Another brilliant dawn lands upon Vailin, and your princess will always be here for her people!"
"...Man, the guards are really messing up, leaving the window closest to the ground open like that."
"Mother, I have a question; do the people wish me to leave?  ...I like it here, but if I'm unwanted..."

"Excuse me, if it wouldn't bother you, would you please bring my visitors and I some wanderwater?  Joyeous thanks, kind butler Yalaran!"



The Release:


Tales of Mythica: Assertion is set to hit the shelves in 2016.

- Austin Haley, CEO. and Liz Maddox, President. GGN Game Studios, LLC. 2014


Copyright © 2012-2014 GGN Game Studios LLC

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good work, mate




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I would like to point out that the Press Release is meant to be very vague as to add illusion to the story of the game itself. Keep that in mind when reading it :)





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Looks awesome!




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